About us

We have been in the waste disposal business since 1991.

Having started with waste disposal, today we are developing innovative solutions in the field of environmental engineering.

In the first few months of our work, we noticed how ineffective and unsustainable waste disposal practices in Russia are.

This revelation has influenced further development of our company.

We started raising the skill levels of our employees and invited experts from other sectors of the business.

We have optimized the current logistics processes and developed new ones.

The key decision was to rely on an innovative approach to the problem and involve scientists in cooperation.

In the last ten years, we have not only developed commercial areas, but also engaged in survey work and research activities.

Together with scientific and technical institutes and advanced design bureaus, we have been working on effective solutions in the field of sorting, neutralization and disposal of waste.

Astra, a cutting-edge unit for thermal decomposition of waste, is the product of this effort.

With business and science working together, it combines brand new technologies and infrastructure approaches in environmental engineering to reclaim, maintain and preserve the environment.

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